Will be my hand writing every Monday!

Le Devil: Well well well… what have we got here? WTF… Did you just post another “Thank You”?

Le Me: Oh hell yeah I did! My readers deserve it.

Le Devil: Well what the hell did they do to deserve it? Ain’t I supposed to receive a Thanks as well?

Le Me: You… you for what? For constantly holding me back? Now that I have freed myself from your bogus and restraining thinking, I can think free. It feels so much better. And as for my readers, my dear followers, they made my blog what it is today and so fast. How many blogs garner a 1000 likes in a mere month. This one did and all because of them! This is what I wanna do. This is what interests me, motivates me. My readers, followers, their choices, their awareness. Making them laugh, ponder, nervous and think is what I wanna do. Their amazing comments, likes, their followings totally make my day. I keep waiting for the star sign at the top right of my page, the comment sign,Ā  the + sign for new followers just totally tell me that I’m being favored and appreciated.

Le Devil: OK OK Stop it now! I just let you and you start talking like you are talking to a wall! God Damn it… I didn’t know that you loved doing this so much! But what is it that you wanna do more apart from this especially now that you know that people like what they see on your page?

Le Me: Not a tough one silly… I wanna write my own content! On topics I hope will serve common purposes and some personal ones as well.

Le Devil: So will you stop posting all the rest?

Le Me: Nope… not at all! All of that along with some original ones from my own repertoire!

Le Devil: What if they don’t like it?

Le Me: I’ll try and raise the quality of my writing and the topics as well but there willl definitely be no stopping now! And all my new posts will be posted on Mondays…

Le Devil: You’ve gone nuts! Screw you…

Le Me: Screw you too!


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