Mumbai attack gunman Qasab executed

Well I have to write something about this one for sure. A man in conjunction with another enters Indian soil from Pakistan territory and enters a train station killing 52 people and dares to roam around freely on  the station – a cold hearted bastard! Thank God India captured him and treated him as a souvenir of the aftermath and made him remember his day for another 5 years before he was hanged today. And what swiftness and quickness of thought that even before the Indian media woke to the news, the hanging had been done and body cremated. I wonder why even his body is being harbored on our soil. He should be thrown in the sea wrapped in pig skin. This man garnered so much international hatred that even his next seven avatars as per the Hindu beliefs will rot in hell. Well at least we now can sleep in peace knowing that this bastard will not eat up any more of Indian tax payers money. Not only did he kill so many people but he also took up one of the most important positions in the Indian political systems. A death well managed I’d say. Congrats Indian government! Well done!


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