Strange way to beg!

I have always had a lot of respect for the Sikh community in India. Never seen them begging and I’ve always heard that they contribute amongst themselves to bring each other up within the society. A very friendly community. They don’t hurt people unnecessarily and are always calm and quiet and funny ofcourse with all the jokes making rounds about them and their 12 o’clocks.

But it has changed a bit somehow, my view about people! Prior to this incident I would always say, everyone can beg but not a Sikh but from today, my line has changed to – anyone can beg!

He came to me hastily, a very shabby fellow as I was making my way out of a shop. Put his hand on my shoulder and asked me to provide something in the name of Guru Nanak. That said, he pulled out a book out of his pocket and started preparing a receipt of a Rs. 1100/- all the while telling me that a prayer will be offered in a Gurudwara in my name.

I clearly told him, I won’t pay more than a 50. But he kept persisting and since, my wife believes in a few of Sikh ideologies, I said,”Ok! I’ll make it a 100 but nothing more than that!”.

That said, he started telling me my future and past which were all wrong, he told me things about my family that were remotely even relatable, leave alone true! And the bugger then went on to ask for another 300!

And in the confusion of my embarrassment and his insistence, I paid another 100 and left without looking back, all the time telling myself you just got fucked in broad daylight Mr. Samir Mishra!

How many people have been through this type of incident or anything similar in India or anywhere else?

I always have an issue with people begging. Whether on the road right in your face or indirectly like this fellow. I totally hate it when these kind of people confront me. I feel like kicking them in their faces and tell them to go do something useful like something that would help them live their life better but then, even thievery is an art and it’ll work till fools like me are around!


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