200 Followers and Growing- Thank You!

Le Me – Thank You everyone. A while back I crossed 200 followers on my blog. When I started with it, I didn’t think I will receive even 50 in the first 6 months. Now in only 3 months, you have made viewsplash 200 strong. And it’s growing. It’ll grow. It’ll only grow with your support.

Le Devil – Did you just say 200? Read it again fool… it may just be 20!

Le Me – I’m positive, it’s 200!

Le Devil – I must congratulate you to waste your time collecting articles from the web and circulating them under the name of viewsplash.

Le Me – I don’t do that. All my articles give the way to the original link in either the pictures themselves or as accessible links. I don’t cheat.

Le Devil – Ya right copycat! Your blog isn’t even original… the shit you write ain’t worth reading at all!

Le Me – Well I don’t give a damn to what you think. What I care about is what my readers think. I have a few original pieces as well and people have liked them. It don’t matter with the number of people who like them. What matters is, the day I blog something original, my viewing statistics go off the roof and that’s what makes me happy. Because people who follow me make it a point to read what I write. To like it or not is their choice. My aim is to make them read it.

Le Devil – Well what is “My Hand Writing”?

Le Me – These will include my featured posts. A drop-down so that they are easily accessible.


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