Readers’ favourite railway stations


BBC News – Readers’ favourite railway stations.

I have traveled so much in my life and so many miles in a very short span of time, that I think I know the insides of Indian Railway travel. Not the routes, but the authenticity of true India, the feel of a new life that you have to live inside every train, on every separate occasion. The co-travelers, the beggars, the luggage, that typical foul smell of a toilet in any train, the open doors, the windows that leak the cold air into the compartment every night. Every travel makes you live a different life. And each of it starts with a railway station. Some beautiful, some not so, some busy as hell and some barren as deserts, most dirty and some being cleaned with a hose in the early mornings – all so futile.

This post is not to tell a tale about my days inside a train but it showcases some of the best railway stations that you can get to go into and live a dream, some so Harry-Potteresque. Please try and browse through the descriptions, locations and models of some of these stations that help you live your dreams on rails.


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