Color of your dreams

I have been having this trouble sleeping lately. They may have a lot of science behind it but I don’t know it and I don’t care to know it. My question is simple – What color do you see your dreams in?

I have had an incident in my life which changed the perception of all my dreams and it occurred way back in my childhood when I didn’t even know what that incident meant then and what would it mean later in my life. I never thought of my life back then — I was so young! But now when I have started taking a lot of interest in my life and have started learning about it, started pursuing my interests rather than others, I now see that that particular incident made a severe dent in my life. It changed the way I have perceived women and would forever perceive them. I just grew up around it. Now I’m a 29 year old man, who has grown up with all his roots firmly held in place but roots that are watered only by that incident. And it happened in a glowing red bulb!

I haven’t seen a dream lately that hasn’t been red, the haze of the same red bulb! Does it happen to others as well?


4 thoughts on “Color of your dreams”

    1. Well my dreams have been as clear as a movie and frankly… it’s not a very favorable situation as I can’t forget them! Thanks a ton for your comment and sharing your experience! 🙂


  1. I agree with both jcmarkx2009 and viewsplash. Normally, I don’t even feel like I have dreamed. I seem to just go from night to morning (with some interruptions along the way). Lately, though, I have been remembering my dreams and, like you say viewsplash, they stay with you just as if the dream had actually occurred. It starts to mess with you and make you confused as to what was a dream and what wasn’t.


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