Grateful or Useful!

Frankly I don’t know a lot about these kind of posts, the kind I posted yesterday. I mean what purpose are they for? This question remains quite high on peoples minds when their blog posts receive comments that include link to the commentators own blog.

My post yesterday and the responses to it from all close and far quarters are forcing me to evaluate it today – was the post ethically correct? The main aim of the post was to be thankful to “Jumbled Writer” for nominating me and hence, I followed the rules that were mentioned on such posts to be followed. Was it wrong? Did I get a lot of crawl on the search engines? Did I become the next Bill Gates all of a sudden? I informed each of the 15 bloggers whose name I was listing on my post as a matter of courtesy as comments in one of the posts on their own blogs that I liked, to let them know that I haven’t highlighted them in any bad light but only in praises! While I may have escaped a lot of criticism from a lot of people, some of the fellow bloggers apparently took an offence to such an activity as an act done to gain popularity or increase the number of hits/views. Sounds fair – doesn’t it? Such posts can easily be used to gain a lot of new users – it had all the impressive words namely inspiring, blogger, awards and bla bla!

But I would like to highlight this condition using myself as an example of why this wouldn’t be true for my blog – neither do I ever blog to achieve popularity nor I do it to satiate others. My blog is all me. It’s as lazy as I am. It’s as mature as I am and it’ll only and always reflect my true self – blatant truth on the face! Anyone who regularly views the Dilberts I post daily at 11:30 am my time and has ever read the “About” post on my blog will understand, I post Dilberts as a part of my diligence towards myself. To learn to inculcate habits in my own life. It’s clearly mentioned there. Read it! Do my posts ask people to like them? Do I ever get commercial? Yes, I was commercial when I started this blog. That’s why the name “VIEWSPLASH”! I wanted views splashed all over on my posts as comments – it never came out that way and that was kind of disappointing but I have never given up hope although I have now made sure that I keep away from commercialism as far as I can. Going commercial would require some resources that are not quite expendable right now which would include my precious time as well.

So whoever thinks I’m doing a shit from all the popularity I gained in one day or major crawls started on search engines and I’m now a millionaire, please help yourself and fuck off! I did that as I wanted to thank each and every one of you who have been watching my blog grow and never letting it out of their sights for good making it better, readable and commenting on the way. I’m really thankful to all of you and I have sworn for this post that I won’t link back to anyone otherwise I would have thanked people taking their names and thanking them for letting me build on my hobby of writing!

So now, was I “Grateful” yesterday or was the post “Useful” in building my views count? You should visit my blog to know me, not to evaluate whether or how I make money off it!


2 thoughts on “Grateful or Useful!”

  1. Wow! First of all people who are giving negative feedback about the fact you yourself were nominated for a award meant for fun and enjoyment, and following along with those guidelines yourself to appreciate others and brighten their day, that make sense to me. We are form, I have received and given many awards to other bloggers I admire, and even if I wanted to could not make a penny out of doing so. It is simply to acknowledge people’s hard work on their blogs, and let them know somebody out there appreciates what they do! I want you to know I left you a shoutout on my blog simply in courtesy for taking the time to nominate me:) I’m sorry people are giving you trouble over this, clearly they do not understand how it works…
    Leah and Kirby


    1. Thanks a ton for understanding the situation Leah and Kirby! And thanks a ton for the shout-out for me on your own blog… I really adore your love for dogs… Shrek is gonna be 3 years this year on 5th April! He is gonna have his own first post on my blog!


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