Marriages and not relationships are made in heaven!

Marriage is not a relationship. Never confuse them. Marriage is a bond of love, honesty, truth and respect for each other. A relationship is a meek form of attachment so people can just remind each other that they may in near future get concerned about you and may need you to get concerned about them.

It’s my brothers wedding and I’m so excited – so excited that I’m yet to get my happiness mood throttling at full rev. I’m elated to say the least to watch him do the things that I did 3 years ago. He has always followed my footsteps – something I will always be proud of. He hasn’t repented it and so won’t I. The girl is a lass from a simple family like ours. Marriage was always on the cards and so there they are – together waiting for the D-day and I am elated – yooo-hooo!!! Marriages really are made in heaven (if one ever existed)!

Yet all of it seems to have been stolen by the fact that I will have to meet so many people, all at one time, in a single hotel with a lots of rooms. It’s scary to say the least.

Why why why??? Why some of us (like me of course) are scared rather mortified to meet new people? Is it the fear of getting ditched leaving you heart-broken again feeling the sad state of the world around you? Is it the fear of seeing your parents in agony again when all that they want is everyone’s happiness and yet the world around them would dish out the smelliest shit there is? Why is no one ever happy with the arrangements done at a wedding? Could have done this, could have done that – how is it that everyone at a wedding is a sudden expert at arranging weddings? Why won’t they just understand weddings don’t happen many times in a home and mistakes (if any) would be a part of any extravaganza? Is it too hard to understand that a person spends his lives’ earnings on his son’s marriage only to earn further rebuke and from whom – people who left when he was in need of care and help, people who back bit him and bitch behind him when they got a chance?

Can love and truth truly be unarmed? Can true concerns ever sound like genuine concerns?

I doubt so. We have become too self-centred. In an age when a son is not necessarily of his father, how can you trust people remotely connected to you to be truly concerned? They may be concerned but are only about their own comfort.

I say fuck them and move on ‘coz they’ll never truly love you not even on your grave.

Look at the coincidence – as I write it, I’m listening to the song “Life is a roller-coaster” by Ronan Keating and it has a line worth mentioning –

Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it.

Oh and let me dedicate this song to my wife for today!!!


11 thoughts on “Marriages and not relationships are made in heaven!”

  1. You know, I’ve seen this before, I’m seeing it now in my own family and I’m sure I’ll see more if it especially now with the wedding season upon us.

    My take is that it’s the bride and groom’s day. Period. The wedding should be exactly how they want it. If someone decides to try emotional blackmail on them, the best response, in my opinion is, “Sorry, we’ll miss you.”

    Congratulations to your brother and his soon to be wife.


  2. You’re welcome. I hope the day turns out fabulous with the worse thing happening is that everyone wanted to stay too long because they were all having too good of a time!


  3. Weddings are not marriages. The celebration of two people meeting is witnessed by those who have seen them grow, physically, emotionally or intellectually. The relationship between the guest and the couple makes wedding meaningful. It must be sincerely celebrated, the time when two will agree to each other for ever..Invite them..they will share your happiness and love exchange for food. Not bad. Relationships are many, we don’t even have names..yet a feeling of connection..a venue to meet again..the function is a reason to smile and get is the memories that will be the and large.


    1. Well that’s another way of looking at it… and I agree that relationships are many and frankly that’s a reason enough to ignore them… yet at a time like wedding they are to be respected but a certain respect and gratitude is expected in return as well… you are actually having our food too… ain’t you??? πŸ˜€


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