Day has started!

That’s how my day has started, the perfect way-

Lots of morning love from my wife.

Maggi and coffee for breakfast.

First song of the day – Rock you like a hurricane by Scorpions.



One thought on “Day has started!”

  1. I see blogging is a hobby of yours & that you would love to travel. I also see you are passionate about your work & take pride in hard work…you sound like someone I would love to have on my team. I am an affiliate marketer who also blogs as a hobby; however, I get paid to do so! I am looking for a team of dedicated people who have big dreams/goals & work hard to achieve them! I must warn you though the hard work will not last forever in this industry. Early retirement is very possible, even before 45. Two of my close (young) friends have retired at the age of 18 & 19 after only 3 months in the business! Your love of music reminds me of the 18 year old (Thomax Maxwell) who plays guitar & writes his own music it’s a very relaxing type of music written out of love!

    Again, from what I read under the few things about me post, you are someone I am looking for. I don’t normally reach out to someone as I use other marketing techniques; however, when I read the few things about you I couldn’t pass up on at least asking if you’d be interested in getting paid to blog…?

    I just got back from living in Thailand for a week w/ my team. Check it out:


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