Safety for women

We – both me and my wife had a huge rip off last night for the sheer negligence of her own safety in a city like Delhi. I wasn’t gonna give up this time so I for once raised my voice to let her know that I won’t be having any reasons or arguments regarding the same. My points were as follows:
1. You are wholly and solely  responsible for your own safety.
2. No matter how confident you are about the people you are with, there are conditions and situations that won’t remain and are never in your hands to take care off – car accidents for one.
3. Also you never know if your car driver is drunk.
4. I can always tell you that I’m with you always but in reality I’m not and I can’t always be physically.
5. I can’t control your safety if I dont know your whereabouts after a specific interval of time.
6. You have to take your decisions logically because this wicked world won’t spare you even if it knew how excited you are for your job selection.
7. Make sure that you are at home at max by 8:30 pm unless it’s an absolute work emergencyand even that should only extend to 10 pm – the simple reason being you are never sure who ib this world is drinking and driving. For parties I’ll never leave you alone anyways.

Anyone else has any more suggestions?

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