Things we own

Someone said – Things we own, own us!

Do we think about things that we own? Some of what we own are pure necessity, some bare comfort, some make life better and some downright unnecessary. Here’s how a normal day goes for me –

Wake up, shit, brush, gel, perfume, helmet, keys, bike, ride, traffic, office, laptop, winamp, code, coffee, code, lunch, code, coffee, code, coffee, code, helmet, bike, traffic, home, sofa, computer, minesweeper, blog, sleep!

How many of them are downright necessities or the other categories mentioned above – you figure!

I am owned. I am owned by the things I own because my time gets divided among them. I use them in the only productive things I do.  I carry out my tasks with them. This is the 21st Century. Even if I have to say I am different from the rest of the world, my tools will remain the same as others as they may be the only ones available. For me to be excellent at what I do, I have to be good with the tools I own else what I do will be imperfect, often unfinished and considering my profound liking for perfection – that’s something I can’t live without. You need to do the best you can with what you have. My tools are important and per my liking. Some are a bit – over the top but they were my childhood dreams and I earn to own them. Yes, I’m possessed by my possessions. They love me more than most people on this planet ever will. They comfort me, relieve me of my stress. They are important and will forever be.


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