Fuck You Muther Fucker!

It had to happen one day when my frustration towards the world would boil over. And so it did today.

The guy chose a wrong day and a wrong time to mess with me. I was in no mood to give up and give in. And to carry a dare to stop me, pull out my bike keys and hit me in my ribs, just totalled my patience. My right fist, right at the knuckles wound up and swung back and shot his cheeks back into oblivion.

You can be a Gujjar, a Jaat or whoever the fuck you want to be, you do not mess with me. Learn it. You will give up and you will give in.

Not me. Never will.

I had had a sleepless night for multitude of reasons and my arms were literally itching to destroy something. And so be his face. For the first ever time in my life, I hit someone and I just hope no one forces me to repeat it.

Not that I didn’t bear any brunt of it. Some scratches, some scathing and a pump into my ribs. I too had it but somehow, I feel very good today. To make them lose, those gutless morons.

You can not make a fool of the public just because you carry biceps an inch more than I do. You got to protest, find a right place which doesn’t cause any other person on this planet, any harm or irrefutable waste of time. Otherwise you will have it back and you may just have it back from a person like me. I will not put up with a demolition job on my independence. Your mother didn’t birth me – mine did. I have my own rights and you – asshole – do not govern them.

Fuck you muther fucker!


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