Writing Helps!

I have wanted to tell this to the world for some strange rather unknown reason. Writing on my blog really helps me get over my difficulties and I genuinely believe that there are millions others out there who would ditto this.

It’s a huge burden off my shoulders when I have relieved myself from the stress that develops over a couple of days and I come out writing here. I’ve had genuine scars from my childhood that just won’t heal and even I won’t give up reliving each and every one of them every single day and moment of my life. And then came blogging to me and I thought that with a few words I could help myself stop thinking about the shit going on around me and in my head and concentrate more on my creativity.

It takes a bit of time but it’s one time I can say that is all mine. In this world where we have issues finding seconds just for ourselves, blogging and for that matter diary writing is of great help. Write down about your day, relive it, learn your mistakes and take heart from the good you have done. AAAAAHHHHHH that jolly feeling of lying on your back, look at the stars through the clouds in the sky, give yourself a break from all the hassles, smile as you see a star break with a bang, to see it run through to the end of the sky.


I am already relieved even when I’m typing at 5:30 in the evening.

But I gotta go home now into that wretched hell hole that boils at 45 degrees celsius everyday and all my sweet dreams are gonna turn into damn nightmare and I’ll be lucky to even get a sleep if I stop sweating.

But back to writing and yes, this is exactly how you can rant out!



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