Scared and Scarred

I’m scared. I’m scared now of every new living day of my life for I don’t want any more excitement. I want to retire from my job and do things on my own. I can’t kill my time anymore for I don’t think I have a lot of it left. In this wasteful life, where I have wasted so much without a drive to accomplish anything except being a mediocre employee and a mediocre human being scarred by only being the better person for others and not for himself.

I have missed my age of self fulfilment. I haven’t indulged except for a few gadgets here and there and pizzas if you call that indulging. I am not growing spiritually per se. With a past full of goof ups, with each bad experience having left a scar the size of Titanic within me, I think it’s time to heal them and grow beyond worldly mediocrity and get a bit self-indulgent responsibly.


5 thoughts on “Scared and Scarred”

  1. I didn’t realize there was a hard and fast age for self-fulfillment. And scars? Yeah, you can see them as barriers, or, you can use them pitons to climb your mountain. Until you are dead, absolutely anything is possible.


    1. Regarding self-fulfillment, I think it would depend upon a person how and when does he/she want to achieve things and go places… yes definitely, there is no age to attain it but the faster, the better! We only crave for material belongings to complete us and with love available abundantly around me, I guess it must be easy for me to go after material things which are rather easily attainable!
      Regarding scars, you are dead right!

      Thanks a lot! 😀


      1. I will agree with you, but would like to add this: sometimes people crave material things that aren’t necessary in an attempt to satisfy a longing for love. In fact, that is the basis for many addictions.


        1. I totally agree with you… we should always keep this in mind that what we are fulfilling is not and doesn’t turn into an addiction… it should remain a means to stay happy and fulfilled and it should stop our longing for something that we have craved for all our lives and not a means to something that we will forever regret! 😀


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