Lies, Deceit and Unfaithfulness

You hate lies. You don’t lie and absolutely hate being lied to.

Are you faithful to me? Ask yourself this question before you meet my eyes again. Have you repaid for my faith in you? Will you ever be able to? These questions no matter how cynical, need to be asked when what lies between the two of you is a puddle of lies and deceitful actions. These are virtues that must always be questioned and dare to be questioned for they often land a relationship in trouble.

There is a point in life after which living for others takes a priority over living for yourself. We tend to think that it’s her smile that would guide me through my day and it’s her smile that keeps you motivated. But what if the smile is a lie? The aura around you is a crooked lie built from the cement and gravel of deceit and unfaithfulness? Is it a situation you can recover from? Is it forgivable? Is it forgettable for the one you loved, simply put, lied for no clear cause of fear?

What if they want to come back to you but deep down in your heart you know, the process will be immensely slow and painful like being pricked by a toothpick which won’t kill you out of anguish but will keep reminding you of a remedial present and a demeaning past? You ask these questions not for yourself but for them ‘coz your love for them is selfless and comes with no apparent interest. How can you trust them again? How will you repay for my faith again?


2 thoughts on “Lies, Deceit and Unfaithfulness”

  1. The real question is: “when did you allow them to cross over and abuse you like that”? And if your still in this much pain, why are you still with them!? The consequences of their actions is you walking out that door! The only person you have the power to change in a conflict… is yourself. And when you have changed yourself as far as your willing to go, and the conflict is still unresolved. The last thing you can do is remove yourself from that person. Suffering is not an option.


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