No Love Lost

Life gives you a second chance at everything only if you are willing to make it up to it. Yes, we all screw up. Some who are not careful enough, screw up majorly. Does this mean these screw ups don’t deserve a second chance? No. Every human act either teaches to be careful the next time or guides you to another related worthwhile action which demands your attention which again will go through the same scrutiny and options.

So now you gave another person a second chance. Now what do you have to do to make them comfortable in their surroundings and to make them meet a goal they have either set for themselves or you have set for them? Support them, not just by encouraging them but also by making sure that things don’t change from the way they were and they don’t feel that you would peel away from them if the goal isn’t met. For the weak-hearted, this is hard. This is just not the way to go by making yourselves unavailable to them when they need you the most. They are in their place now because they are weak.

Weakness is everyone’s possession. No one is perfect. We are only made perfect by the circumstances. When life favors you, you may even stay unchallenged and by a long distance, immortal in the eyes of those who see your meteoric rise. But for those who face the wrath of time on their face, it’s everyone else’s responsibility to support them. We just have to make sure that there is – No Love Lost!


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