Adam Gilchrist: The DRS is not the solution, it’s part of the problem

Adam Gilchrist: The DRS is not the solution, it’s part of the problem | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo.

Cricket isn’t something that I talk about a lot on my blog but this is an issue thats demanding my attention ever since, BCCI refused to adopt the system in totality. Frankly, my first reaction was – BCCI is cutting costs to fill it’s own pockets, that it wants to run the cricket carnival with all its flair all the while saving pennies on it. I may have been right too but right now, the only one at the wrong end of the stick is the DRS system itself.

Has it delivered what it had set out to? Have the human errors reduced so much for us to trust the system in whole? First it was the Vaseline saga on VVS Laxmans bat when the English media came out with the accusation that the Indian players were using Vaseline on their bats to fool the DRS system. Then started pouring the DRS  howlers from all over the world. A nick missed here, the line of the ball bowled was wrong, the batsman was shuffling are some of the issues that constantly keep troubling the DRS.

The best umpires today swear by the name of the system but have we totally discounted what exactly has this system done to our cricket in whole? The best description has been given by Adam Gilchrist himself in the link above. The system should be handed over to the players to use and not kept limited to the umpires to keep the howlers at bay.



4 thoughts on “Adam Gilchrist: The DRS is not the solution, it’s part of the problem”

  1. Whilst I agree DRS is not perfect, surely it is better than not having any help for the umpires at all? The system is there to eliminate howlers, such as the Broad caught behind, the only reason he wasn’t given out was because Australia wasted their reviews on 50-50 decisions.


    1. Well they are 2 sides of the coin I believe. Shouldn’t the technology be available all the time to all the players but with the better part be used to making excellent decisions and not looking at each others faces and then the umpires?


      1. I like the idea of having DRS available all the time in principal, but I think the authorities are worried about how much time it takes.


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