Theme Feedback – Ryu Theme

This blog had been on the Ryu Theme for around 2 weeks and today it stopped showing  titles for all the Dilbert’s that I show on my page. I think it’s a fantastic theme except for this bug that popped up today. It’s different for it gave me a huge layout to display what I exactly wanted to show. It’s uncluttered, organized and has a style most personal bloggers should love. And this is not the first time I have changed my theme but I had to give a feedback on this theme since I valued it the most.

Apart from the good things, I think it would have not shown titles for any of the images I have ever posted and hence, I had to move and go back to the same old layout that we are so used to seeing on free WordPress themes.

Please WordPress, try to give us a few free themes that are out of the box just like the Ryu theme.

8 thoughts on “Theme Feedback – Ryu Theme”

  1. I don’t know about this theme, but try this: after you’ve posted your Dilbert panel, click on the Edit, go back and see if under Format the Standard button is clicked. If it isn’t, do it now, click Update, wait for it to cycle, then click View Post to see if it added the title.


    1. Thanks a ton for such a quick response. I did what you asked me to do but what you are saying would only be true for any new Dilbert’s I post. The problem is I couldn’t see the title for any of the older ones as well which were visible till yesterday evening… 😦
      Thanks again!


      1. If anything I know it’s best not to assume with computers, so don’t be offended if I ask if you tried it with the older ones?

        The reason I ask is if WordPress sees the post as an Image, then it’s not going to post the title, or at least that’s been my experience. The only solution I know about is to go back and change the Image to Standard.


          1. Good, I’m glad it worked. As for changing them, that’s up to you. I enjoy Dilbert no matter if he has a title or not. (laughing!)


  2. And please trust me when I say there were no offenses taken whatsoever but currently as there is no feasible solution at hand, I have decided to stick to my new theme till the time I find another innovative theme… I guess thats the price you pay for innovation! 🙂


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