Solitary Positive

The only solitary positive to have come out of today so far is that my bike got repaired from the permanent damage in the carburetor. The mechanic caught it and asked me to replace it. I said I don’t have enough to buy a new one. So he changed the pump inside it which was way cheaper and my bike now touches 100 kmph at will!

Otherwise, it has been a sad dramatic day so far starting with an anxiety attack on my wife which resulted in her hospitalization at 4 o clock in the morning. She got discharged at 8:30 am but is sleeping after a heavy dose of painkillers and sedatives. I have reached office fully drenched in the most wretched of rains Delhi NCR has faced. It’s cold here and I’m just hoping that this doesn’t aggravate my side sprain right below my right side of the rib cage or run me into fever.

I’m tired frankly and can’t think of writing even one line of code. Sigh!!!


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