One evening.

Elena said,”I talked to brother Prince today. He asked me to move to Mumbai for a while to give me a change of locality. A fresh locality just might give me some relief from my recurring nightmares from the accident”.

Sam replied,”Even I have thought the same. It’ll freshen you up and keep you away from all the shit you are going through and may even pavé a better way for you to increase your business, Mumbai being the BOLLYWOOD!”

Elena,”Prince said he could look out for a better apartment than the one he now lives in as he could now have a stable house if I am moving in with him. Also as I would move out from Delhi, you could shift to a smaller house and we can save a lot of money from it which could add to our savings. I will take some stuff from here which you won’t need as you would be alone and we can save some money from that too”.

Sam replied,”But you should keep a deadline for yourself. If you aren’t able to do well for yourself by then, you will leave Mumbai and move to our home town and look to set up whatever business you can set up there. You will also then be able to look after both our parents. That way they’ll be happy, you’ll be happy and they’ll also help you manage your financials. But then this is the last option you’ll have. I’m sorry but we can’t afford any more chances after Mumbai for your business to grow up as we’ve failed a lot and it has cost us a lot of money. We need to move on with our life to better pastures”.

Elena replied,”Yeah I second you. If I won’t be able to do it in Mumbai, I guess it’ll be time for me to look for smaller and more beneficial deals than setting up a business from scratch and that way I would get to stay with our parents for a longer period”.

Next noon.

Elena called Sam and screamed,”You know what? Screw that plan. I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t have any money to settle there and don’t yet have any contacts that can help me start my influence in the industry. I won’t be able to do anything there. I should just probably stay at home and cook food and take care of our home!!!”.

Sam stayed quiet as she hung up the phone.


Easier said than done I guess.

Marriage. A bonding of 2 souls. A conjoining of 2 bodies. It’s not a relationship (for relationships are farcical) but a lifelong agreement of two minds to put their own separate interests behind the interests of their unity, health and wealth.

What if the two are going through a phase wherein they are absolutely unable to help one another during the times of dire need? Both of them are helpless, for the world around them is falling apart and yet they refuse to let go of each others hands. They stand committed to die together and willing to make sacrifices not everyone around them would be willing to make. What if the sacrifice pushes them apart for awhile only to get together stronger and start their life on a stronger foothold than the one they previously started on?

Would you allow it or choose the easier option of simply staying together with limited means and with the hope that someday things will get better and they will eventually see a life they had together dreamt of? Shouldn’t we give ourselves enough chances to let us turn color our life in our favorite color?


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