Independence from the British empire 67 years ago – a nation is born. Powers traded. 90 years of freedom fighting, people killed – all to conquer a land, that had more gold than all worlds combined.

Independence – to us it stands for countless lives spent to attain it.

It’s been 67 years and we are yet to move on. We still linger in the debts of the heavy past that somehow seems to still drive our nation to the wild. Is this in our nature to live in the past? We keep condemning what happened then and we base our relationships and opinions and generate hatred for the people who frankly are suffering way more than most of us can imagine. Them and us – we are scared. People who want simple lives and wish to attain basic goals either get killed or live in persistent fear of getting killed in one or the other terrorist attacks. Terrorists – who are fuelled by hatred towards people across the border.

What have we turned our independence into? Is it a grant we have taken? Is the only meaning of independence – literal? Doesn’t it define our responsibility towards the people who govern our country by forming a government and who form the public? Why is hatred such an important part of what we do and does it make sense to base it on a forgettable past? We need to learn. Learn to take care of each other not as brothers or sisters but as humans. It’s the deepest relation. We shouldn’t need anything more.

Yet we kill and praise killing. I salute all those who spend their lives saving the public of their respective countries. From their perspective, it’s what they should do else they’ll be killed as well.

After 67 years of independence, shouldn’t we move forward from amongst the shadows of our past and into a brighter future for our future generations to see our country as worth living. Nothing would make me prouder to see our youngsters say – we have loved our country for what it has been but we are here to move it forward with a stronger root and greener branches.

Please bring peace to each other. Give yourself a break from treating each other like shit. Killing does nothing but bring us into the class of several others who don’t value human lives.

Whatever the measures, get it done with once and for all. We have wasted enough resources and blood for petty issues that are used for political mileage over and over again. Is this what our future will be all about?

We need to change before it’s too late!!!

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