Better late than never!

Ain’t it cheaper to use soaps than a shower gel for a monthly budget? I mean get the deals of (3+1) on soaps and there you are… done for more than a month.

And it took me 4 years and 5 months of fucking misery to get this straight in my head!!!

Better late than never they say!


4 thoughts on “Better late than never!”

  1. Well, it kind of depends on what brand of soaps you buy and what’s important to you. I prefer a gel because it doesn’t sit there getting all mushy when I done with it, and I’ve never seen a hair stuck in a container of gel.


    1. hehehehe… I guess mushy is the reason why they give 3+1 offers! And the hair stuck in the soap bar… I guess thats a very fair observation!
      But don’t we normally get gels of all the soaps in the market? I mean is it just me who hasn’t observed it or it ain’t true at all?


      1. Yes, that’s true, we do. I think that gels and liquids are a better buy in a way because you are able to use all of the product whereas with a bar of soap, you usually don’t use it until it’s totally gone. I think it’s just a matter of preference. Powdered milk can be cheaper than fresh milk, but more people buy fresh milk where I live because it is the general preference.


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