You Know Shit!

Well what do you know? You know shit! Shit about yourselves if nothing else. My recent late night episodes had only taught me one thing – if anything, I’m one guy who is not doing well!

But I was going through a lot of stuff on internet today and I found out that horoscopes for one aren’t all that wrong about you. At some point of time, they are the facts that you have either thought about yourself or realized that they were what you are supposed to run after but forgot all about them in the frenzy called Life. They are what would make you a better man and more demanded and lovable than being a grumpy old self.

Run after them. Get hold of ’em. And keep ’em like you own ’em else they’ll run away again for they wait for no one and then again there is a Life chasing you!


2 thoughts on “You Know Shit!”

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