What is Fear?

The clear answer should be – fear can be defined as the state of mind in which brain doesn’t allow the body or heart to perform certain tasks because of its intolerance to certain known consequences.

Correct me if I’m wrong people.

The next question I get in mind is – how do I use fear? If it’s so associated to our mind, there must be a way to use this state of mind for some profitable results. For me fear has a solitary result – the drive to get over it. I can proudly say it too – after a time during which I can analyze my fear, I almost inevitably get over it ‘coz I have then given my mind to analyze all the possible actions to counteract it and all the possible consequences. I think it would happen to most people.

But what if some people can’t get over a fear? Some dreadful images or situation just takes some people back to that moment when all that see is their fear. Would it then need some psychiatric help or can self-control help them?

We (me and my wife) went through something that has changed the dynamic of our relationship forever and at least I now know in my mind and heart that I will not be able to tolerate some particular situations because my mind would never know how to react to those situations? Is this fear or only anxiety taking over my mind and deluding it from seeing the obvious truth? Has it happened to anyone else out there?


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