An year of Dilberts!!!

I’ve now been blogging for a year now! I’ve published about various topics but the most important goal I have accomplished is posting daily Dilbert’s on my blog for a year!

How did it help me and I’ll admit it openly –

Some would call it plagiarizing but I’ll call it free publicity – not that Dilbert needs one (it’s an amazingly true and funny comic strip) but it just goes to show how a consistent post on your blog daily or hourly help you get around 450 kind followers.

Why am I telling everyone about all this – I would like to know if there are people with their comic strips that they would like to have published on another blog? Ones that need publicity? Ones who think that their creativity beats a billion minds?

I can give them a platform for publicity for any deal they think can make my blog gain some publicity as well.

The question that most people will ask me is – why don’t I write a lot myself and gain publicity the way million others did? In my year of blogging, I have often found myself falling really short of energy and time which have killed a lot of my thoughts and hence I seek people who have similar constraints and who would like to mutually work with me to gain a further more steps.

There have been a lot of things that I have done wrong – one of them is, not visiting the WordPress reader more often. You have to appreciate other writers and bloggers to gain theirs.

My own aim for this year will include using the WordPress Reader more often, read others and learn their styles. Don’t yet know how I’ll do it but will try to carve out time for it.

For anyone who would like to contact me for any endeavors about posting on each others blog, please mail me at –


7 thoughts on “An year of Dilberts!!!”

    1. Thanks a lot JW! And no… I am gonna continue my blogging… just that I’m looking for more content to build up the website! It would be great if you could let me know how you went about it for your website – the preparations, the content and what goes behind all the reviews you put up!!!


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