Only Stronger

Am I hurt? Can I be hurt? Seems I’ve gone indifferent. All the worldly possessions just don’t seem to matter anymore. A day like yesterday should hurt me. It used to. I remember life since I opened my eyes to the world. Those unforgettable and rather regrettable days. Days I regret existed for they showed me true human faces of the gods I worshiped. I was blind then. For I persevered with ignorance. Turning my face away from reality to choose false love.

I’ve cried but not like yesterday. Only a couple of times has it happened that crying has relieved me but never once has it allowed me to be resolute. That changed yesterday. I’m about to make a decision that’ll change my life forever. I’ve got to let go of true love to embark on a journey to find it again. It’s not working anymore. And I’m not giving up. Just giving in to the soup life has put me into. It’s a hard decision but it had to come to let me find my true self. And as someone has told me – I need to enjoy my life more.

This is not the Diwali I wanted and yet again I’ll never forget it for it’ll change my life forever.

Don’t know how tough it’s gonna get but all I need are best wishes and a lot of support from quarters I least expect it from. ‘Coz I’m heading back to where I came from – Only Stronger!


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