A Saddened Diwali!

A Saddened Diwali!

You know you haven’t had a happy Diwali when the only picture worth taking was of the door for the rest of the house just didn’t deserve any attention. Tired, with swollen eyes, we got all that we could with hearts as hopeless as barren deserts. No happiness, just a routine mundane Diwali. A bit of cleaning hither and thither, a clean and glittering temple for the Gods berthing.


I still have no clue why we went about celebrating it at all. It was all doom and gloom from day one and even though we could feel a lot of strings opening up between each other, my wife and I just wished this torture came to an end. A birthday came and went with nothing but remorse to show for my own birth. Celebrations were a far cry. No cakes, no candles, no talks just emptiness to fill our hearts. And all for saying what was right!!!

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