Deepest Wishes!

What do we all relate our inner deepest joys and wishes to? A ball bouncing in a green lush lawn – unhurt, hopeful, directionless – basically free… A tree on the slopes of a hill – swaying in the wind, talking to other trees and telling tales of it’s survival – a tale withstanding the turns of time… A river flowing through the center of your head – cooling, hushing – bringing the sense of calm to your inner being! Some of us remain very secretive about our deepest desires and sometimes it takes a lifetime to only reveal them to someone we truly love and adore. That, only after we have thoroughly analyzed the pros and cons of the revelations and whether they’ll be positively received.

Mine are specks in a rock chained to the ground – going nowhere, destined to rot, and weather away. So nobody knows me and nobody would ever remember me. No stories to tell, no poems to make – only cries of agony searing through an empty desert with no ears to land upon. Only a face to wait for helplessly, hoping he/she would be the Aladdin for this genie. I just wish I could break free but the chains are too tight, biting on my brazen bare face and chest, reminding me of the torture left to endure, the Sun to face and the weather to bear. But I have time on my side for I’m going nowhere and I’m gonna make sure, he/she finds me!


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