No Facebook Anymore!

Gave it up! I just couldn’t tolerate my habit of opening Facebook every chance I got anywhere. I have to admit it – I have no social circle. I can’t stand those pictures of supposedly happy people catching fish, rowing boats, flying planes, sky diving not because I’m jealous but getting productive is what I’m looking at.

Browse a wall for jokes, for funny pictures, for cricket related posts but not any more.

I’m now entering the part of the world which despises the Facebook for what it is turning us into. We are forgetting what smiling really is, what laughing really is all the while getting depressed at all the good shit that others are able to do but we are not. WELL WE DON’T DO IT BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO. Not because we can’t but we don’t want to. Moreover my Facebook had more become a trolling wall than giving any useful logic. They manipulate our thinking. We aren’t original anymore. A life manipulated by the website that is set up by one guy who creates all its rules and advertises us products according to our tastes and his loyalties, I simply refuse to abide by him.

Thank You Facebook for all that you have taken from me and given to me.


5 thoughts on “No Facebook Anymore!”

      1. I heard that recently (not original sorry), but isn’t it so apt. I couldn’t quite understand why I love the randomness of twitter and dislike facebook, but that quote says it all. We all move on from the past for a reason, and I know I am a future looking person. It’s also why I love blogging, we find connections, even if only temporary that resonate more closely to our own way of thinking, amazing really, distance and physical geography plays no role.


        1. Frankly it took me a while to understand why I ever had a facebook account at all but as life has a way of teaching us all, it taught me that FB just makes us look foolish in a long term… may be it does raise our GK but it definitely doesn’t help our understanding of the world as it stands today whereas Twitter is all about present… no one gives a damn what has gone into past.. all they care about is present and the future!!!


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