MBTI Personality Types

I’ve always been confused about how do I explain to people around me why I am what I am and why have I turned into someone who they never taught me to be. There was always a signature failure in explaining that people like me exist and it’s normal for someone to behave the way i sometimes do. It was always that I have lain to people around me all my life when all that I have said is the truth – the truth about their inner beings. It’s them that have run away from objective truth. I have only been acting like a mirror – silent as I can be yet forceful enough to get my point across. The wrinkles on my face, the black puff under my eyes, a double-chin, a bloating belly, a receding hairline – that’s all you – you gave it to me!

People who never understood me can maybe now take some pointers about how to behave with me. I have been very analytical about it and thought about it a lot. I took some online tests after I came across this article – My Name is Bond – Life of a BDSM Practitioner about why do I actually behave the way I do and the way I have behaved lately. I know that this is not an adult website and I should refrain from providing such links but all I wanted to show you was, how from the unlikeliest of sources, you get links and knowledge that may offer a lifetime of clarity. I am yet to come to terms with the validity of the test because I never gave the authentic MBTI test offered at CAPT. All I have appeared for are tests that claim to be close to what MBTI has to offer and not the real thing. Following are the tests I took-

1. 16personalities

2. personalitypathways

3. humanmetrics

The real test costs a lot and I frankly don’t have that kind of money to spare. The results with all the above were the same. Now only to verify if I really think the same way of myself as my wife perceives and knows me, I asked her to give the test as she knows me. The result was the same. I also made her give the tests for herself and then I gave the test for her. The result was the same for her too. So coming to think of it, at least on a very broad basis, basis on which the above tests have been compiled, I am an INTJ type – the same as the article. It was surprising at first. All of the above sites have their interpretations of this type and all of them are very close to what I actually am. I never knew there were things that could define why I am what I am at times but at least there are words that can validate me to people. The closest that a site has come to explaining me is INTJ Personality.

Just for an easy info, we are the second rarest personality type on this planet – only 1.5% of the people who appeared for the authentic MBTI tests have turned out to be INTJ.

Please do let me know if I should consider some other aspects of these tests (things that I may have missed) before applying them on myself and my life.


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