Save Me – I

Before starting to read this, please beware that the post has mature and violent content and is recommended to be read only by adults.

She got ready to leave when another file arrived. She didn’t want to be late for her home again. Oh no – not another late night stay at the office, for they were unfruitful and weren’t getting her family’s life anywhere. Her 2 sons only saw her face in the mornings and she knew that husband had forgotten her touch and she had no clue if he even yearned for it any more. She missed it too but these deadlines were killing her. It had been 4 months since their last bed adventure. She looked at her hands and noticed a few extra wrinkles popping up – she would make amends with all of her family on their marriage anniversary. She would let her husband know, how much she loves him and how much she still craves for his kisses on her nape. A smile escaped her lips and she had goosebumps at the very thought. Her sons deserved gifts for their grades in the mid-terms.

But she had to complete this report tonight. Just another month of this frenzy and she’ll quit her job to settle for a much quieter life with her family. Oh how much she loved ’em all!

3 hours later after she had wrapped her report, it was exactly 9:37 pm. By the time she’d reach home, it’d be 11:30 and she knew a heated encounter with her husband was definitely on the cards. But first things first and she quickly boarded an auto-rickshaw for the METRO train station. A look at the loo at the station and she knew, a visit was overdue – such was her hurry. A quick glance at the mirror and the empty loo and she knew she was still looking dangerously fine in her sleeveless deep cut kurta and her black leggings paired with 4 inch heels – attire that people of the great city of Gurgaon didn’t embrace much.

And just as the thought crossed her mind, a hand reached her behind her head, grabbed hold of her hair and her bag and dragged her out of the lady’s room, onto the empty station and across into the mens room. Too aghast to even shout, she frantically fought with all 10 hands that had started groping her, her eyes and mouth tight shut by a few of them. Some were at her breasts, some behind her and some on her legs, her hands pinned by 2 legs. She could see nothing – it was dark. They were scratching her, trying to rip her clothes apart and she felt something really cold going down in her throat into her empty stomach with her teeth clattering against an opening of a bottle. Alcohol. And then a moment of silence. Too frightened to open her eyes, they started pouring warm liquid all over her. What was it – Pee! Onto her face, into her mouth it went everywhere and all she could smell was alcohol. They beat her up, into her ribs, her face, thighs, calves, shoulders, guts – she could feel the thick hard-plastic and hard rubber soles of their shoes digging inside her flesh with every kick. The torture continuing for what seemed like ages.

She was under intense nausea now with so much alcohol inside her and losing her consciousness fast. They dragged her onto her feet again and she limply followed them while they held her hands behind her shoving her into a van.

They took turns beating her up inside the van while they roamed scot free on the roads of Delhi. She saw people peeking inside the van at traffic stops but no one seemed to care. After what was an eternity, the atrocities came to an end when they mercilessly threw her out of the moving van into an abandoned garbage corner. She was unconscious and laid there in her bare minimums and clothes on the road. As the morning started to grow by early morning she regained consciousness, found her bag, wore her still pee-drenched clothes and with no help available, dragged her severely bruised body to the nearest hospital.

With all the courage and power through the searing pain that she could muster, she could only faintly mumble – SAVE ME!

11 thoughts on “Save Me – I”

  1. You asked for comments so I went back and read it again. In the sentence below, I think you don’t need to mention the morning twice. I would cut out “by early morning”, but you can also cut “As the morning started to grow”. Just leaving one of them makes the sentence easier to read.

    As the morning started to grow by early morning she regained consciousness, found her bag, wore her still pee-drenched clothes and with no help available, dragged her severely bruised body to the nearest hospital.


    1. I totally agree with your comments… You these are the kind of mistakes I would absolutely like to talk about with all my readers and followers… I have never been told about my flaws and knowing them will only make me a better writer and an even better reader… I read that paragraph umpteenth times but never got that mistake… This is what, as readers you people may bring to my writing… Thanks a million tons as I said in my blog for pointing out that mistake… I will let the mistakes be on these pieces so these remain as my marksheet with scores from you! 😀
      I really appreciate this feedback!


  2. The beginning needs some work. I need to know more of what happens before she gets to work…her usual routine etc. The rest, you start to captivate which is good.


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