My Winter Solstice

I got enlightened today when I found out that the winter solstice is not the 23rd December but 21st December. I got enlightened further when I found out that most of the world considers it the most depressing day of the year. Well, it certainly is for me. Got my annual performance review rating yesterday and I am disappointed to my core. Personal front isn’t doing well too since past 2 months. A tussle here, a tussle there, no ones happy with anyone. No matter how hard I try things are just not moving along and I’m now hinging on some astronomical events of ginormous proportions to either shake me up and bring out ideas that can change my life. I’m trying really hard to get things straight but nothing’s working as things stand at a total stand-off.

I think I should quit. I should quit trying so hard for matters that can only be solved with patience and continuous self-introspection. And people around me should understand this. All of their problems are making me work my mind on things that take my focus away from doing productive work. Instead let me work with focus and blog as well. I want to write but creativity needs a lot of space and I need mine.

My responsibility in all of this will be to take my head out from the shit I’ve put it in and start clean and fresh. Try and be happy and see the positive, more colorful side of life that I’ve prefered to completely ignore.


6 thoughts on “My Winter Solstice”

  1. Great post!!!! Focus on inward being, do work one-day-at-a-time, patience, your circle turns thus in the timing of the cosmos. Enjoy your work with humility, rewards will come. Shani (Saturn) assists you with the necessary disciplines as you progress both inward and outward!!!!!


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