OK! I need another help from my dear readers/writers/bloggers. While asleep, someone dropped a comment on my door that read like this –

“I am just reading through some things but I have to say, if you really want to become a writer – Grammar brother!!
Don’t rape the language.”

I can totally understand someone must really love me to leave this dear comment but I would like to please know what has gone wrong with my writing, if it really has gone wrong. I have never shied away from comments and I want to do anything and everything to improve my writing skills. But I can only grow into writing good and grammatically correct content if I get true and unbiased comments from my readers and fellow bloggers. I am going to put a few of my posts on the line again for my fellow bloggers to check the content for grammar and anything else that they may think, hinders their reading –




I already know a weakness in my writing that I use a lot of passive voice when active can be used. It’s a bad habit which reflects poorly on my focus. I’m already working on it but please let me know about other weaknesses in my writing.



  1. Languages that that you didn’t grow up around can be difficult to speak as well as write. A story or a poem may flow in the language that is native to the author, but may become less so when translated. This is where editing can be of a help to the writer. An editor will smooth out the rough spots and offer tips on make the work read in a more pleasing manner.


      1. If you are going through a publishing house, yes. If you are self-publishing, also called vanity publishing, then no, your work is published how you wrote it. The publishing houses pay you to print your work, self-publishing is when you pay to have your work printed.


          1. Yes! I take into account the language difference when I read a work where English is not the writer’s native language. I rather like it as for me, it gives an added flavor to the piece.


  2. Samir, you will find that there is an awful lot of snobbishness in the writing community regarding grammar, punctuation, even spelling. Ignore it, or them, what you are trying to do is find your voice, not the voice that they think you should have. I could give you a list of many of the standard ‘rules’ for creative writing, but shall not. Apart from writing every day there is only one way of improving your writing skills and that is to read. Read everything. For technical advice the best book on this subject is by Stephen King, called On Writing. Remember the old adage, ‘Don’t get it right, get it written.’ Good luck. Himself.


    1. Samir, this comment from Celticillumination is very, VERY true! You must be true to yourself and YOUR voice. I think the hardest lesson is to learn when to ignore the whims and wishes of others – no writer can please everyone and nor should they try. Sometimes the most powerful voices are unique voices. Follow your heart.


      1. Thanks a ton A.D. And yes, all the comments that I have received have made 1 thing absolutely clear in my head – being true to the voice inside my head! It’s the only way I will bring out my thoughts clearly with validity! 😀


  3. You are already a winner because you are investigating what you do right and what you can improve. Active vs. passive is a great rule to keep in your head. But do not become paralyzed by worrying about rules. Keep writing and thinking, and you will be on top of your game.


  4. That comment you got sent seemed a bit uncalled-for and nasty to my way of thinking. We all make mistakes – and, by the sounds of it, you are writing in a language which is not your Mother Tongue. I am full of admiration: I would not be able to do that myself. I like the way you write! Just one very small comment on your words above my words(!): it would be better to say, ‘…as few mistakes as possible!’
    Very best wishes to you – and keep on blogging! Alienora


    1. I thank you for your concern and comment! Yes… that is a mistake… Accepted! I think the kind of response I have received for this post is amazing and shows my readers want me to improve and improve I will! Thank You again… 😀


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