Is WINAMP dead?

The world’s most favorite music player and organizer is on the verge of death. How I’ve always waited for an update that would bring unprecedented features. That awesome sound quality. That awesome music organizer. And of course the most famous line of all – “WINAMP WINAMP WINAMP… It really whips the Llama’s ass!”.

I remember when I first installed WINAMP, its version was 2.5. I had no clue how it worked then but it was so easy to use and it was way faster and efficient than the ever free Windows Media Player. It always made itself the preferred choice for a million other users. It then started getting a flurry of updates and got the modern theme and it could be docked and that’s when I realized, this software will remain my life long partner. This software forever changed the way I work on my PC. This is the first software I install on my PC, when I get a new one. I point it to my music library and it takes care of all my music on my PC from then on.

It’s always pinned to my taskbar. It’s the first thing I turn on when I switch on my PC. WINAMP is such a huge part of my music taste, I often discard a lot of other softwares for I find them cumbersome.

I was so dearly waiting for an upgrade of WINAMP that would work seamlessly as an app for Windows 8 but a few days earlier, I got the news that AOL would shut WINAMP down if it finds no buyer.

My request, please let WINAMP show the next generation of its software and impressing capabilities. I’ll miss it and so will a million others.


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