Zee2Etch Task #1 – Introduction

The first task that Zero To Hero (from now on lets call it Zee2Etch) has me doing is – to introduce myself!

I am Samir Mishra. I am a confused man. The colossal truth of life has descended upon me and I want to write it out. I find writing a great means to let out all my rage safely, in the confines of my page and yet free from all boundaries. It doesn’t and won’t hurt anyone. It gives me the freedom to write in shapes, fonts, and colors of choice. It gives me freedom to experience my passion for reading and writing.

I’m here to let people know about any topic that crosses my mind. If you have any views on them, you are free to comment. If you like a post, like it or reblog it. If you consistently like my posts and think I am worth watching, follow me and I’ll be available on your reader and mail box with all my new posts.

I’m taking on the Zee2Etch challenge because I want to start my new year doing something new. I did something new last year when I shared Dilbert comics for a complete year to challenge my diligence and work ethic. Now that I have established that, I am moving towards “A Blog A Day” challenge for myself and Zee2Etch will give me a perfect head!

Once I complete this challenge, I’ll look to dazzle all my current followers and make a lot of new ones. I want to establish a relationship with my fellow bloggers using comments, likes and follows. I would also like to move them to let me know, if they would like to have certain content on my blog.

I want to challenge my creativity and share my experiences doing all the above for which I look humbly at all my fellow bloggers to help me, guide me and nurture my blog while I pay all my respect to their respective blogs.

Thanks & Love,



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