Task #2 for Zero to Hero Challenge is to explain my Title and tagline.

As I said in my post for Task #1, I am very confused. When I started this blog, I never intended to make this a personal blog, never to share my personal life. Sharing views, commenting and interaction with discussions was to be the primary motive. I love interacting with people who have the skill and the talent to talk about various skills and their professional fields. I love learning.

But gradually, as I found the purpose to my blogging habit, my posts started to trickle down and I confined myself to very limited posts per day. Then the question arises – why still VIEWSPLASH?

The answer remains the same. No matter what the problems are or will be – I love getting solutions from discussions, solutions that satiate every persons requirements. And hence, my tagline remained unchanged – “SPLASH UR VIEWS”. I want a lot of views and discussions and the tagline is to get my point across to my readers very clearly.

The “UR” in the tagline isn’t “YOUR” because I have a tendency to show off that I’m Cool!

2 thoughts on “ZEE2ETCH TASK #2 – TITLE TRACK”

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