Zee2Etch Task #4 – Explore the Neighbourhood

Task #4 for the Zero to Hero challenge is to explore 5 blogs that would attract my imagination today.

I’ve had a tiring day, took a lot of shit and yet came out unscathed – I feel proud that in amidst all that, I could actually post a nice little observation of my office today. The thought about online shopping bugged me so much that I just got it all out in an hour. I guess, pretty well done considering how much time I took to post some of my other posts!

Anyways, the easiest thing about WordPress is how so many excellent bloggers exist to illuminate your path and creativity. Few of those who lit up my dying bulb today are as follows –

1. This Page Intentionally Left BlankΒ – This guy Liam has a great sense of twitchy humor! You should totally visit him.

2. A walk with my cameraΒ – I just love the style of photography featured on this site.

3. Literature & LibationΒ – I’m always all in for literature and anything to read and to break it up, I’m on libation now… πŸ˜‰

4. Journey Thru LΒ – Just read the about me page on Julianes Blog. It’s enough to get you inspired!

5. PatriciaddruryΒ – Happy, Healthy and In Love is what I wanna be!

Great Job Guys! You are on my reading list for sure! πŸ˜€


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