Bad Jokes

I wish there are days that aren’t so tiring! Man, from 10 to 7, coding, my shoulders are aching, head is banging and binge isn’t helping! I know its past midnight when I publish this post but a recount of the day might help me sleep better. Bad jokes filled our day today, you know those real stinky ones that make you want to puke and then do it again!!! I cracked one yesterday and today my colleagues totally had their revenge! They didn’t know but they weren’t helping my headache, the shoulder ache and the backache! No amount of sleep helps and I wake up at 6 am period! May be I should start using my mornings better! Sigh!

I have this observation about men, who as pillions literally wrap their riders, in their embrace while riding! You know, please don’t do it… us riders are never comfortable with any of our body parts cringed up so they can’t move! You may say, why not women as pillions? Women aren’t so powerful and their hands ease the pain in the body than create it. And they talk so good in the ears that the helmet seems to be a thing completely invisible and unfelt! Whereas men keep shouting, they can be mannerless with other riders and they crack poor jokes! There you have it – THE TRUTH!

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