Aims – From Love To Obsession

Warning – This may turn into a rant pretty fast!

Can your aims themselves turn into stumbling blocks for your happiness? The day I took the decision to write “A Blog A Day”, was the last day I was free and not tired. Damn this schedule is ruining my head and amidst the work that I get done in the day, I have to watch out for any topic that might evoke my interest to think about it. But all that pops up in my damn mind are – ridiculous code review comments, are they even valid and how do I avoid them in the code I’ll write next. Topics!!!!???? Please will you just smoke yourselves out of some window and land on my table? How difficult can it be but trust me, it truly is plus the difficulty in getting me inspired by any idea? It just shows how less I learn in my current office.

Oh yes… I started with something then haywired out of it… Aims and them turning into stumbling blocks!

Has any such decision, to do something constructive chronically and eventually making it a habit, itself become a burden for any of you? I heard a story somewhere and this is how it goes –

“There was once a very famous philosopher who loved reading, loved books and cherished collecting them. He started nurturing a dream of building his own library, full of his favorite books, at a tender age of 7. He read and read and collected and collected when at age 27, he had finally built a library inside his room. He kept on building it for next 10 years when one day he had a huge hall in the center of the town full of his favorite books – his own public library.

But one day, a fire in the library burned all his collection to ashes. He stood outside the burning hall, very silent, pondering, when someone asked – “How do you feel when you’ve lost such a treasure?”.

He replied – “Relieved!”.

I guess the moral of the story is quite clear and so is the intent of narrating it. Now some may argue why should it become a burden if it’s something you love to do so much?

Well lets delve deeper and divide the discussion into three items –

A. Things that you love to do but can do away with when you get bored

B. Things that you would love to do because that’s what makes you happy

C. Obsessions, case in point OCDs

Now, we can safely leave C aside for they are mandatory.

But A and B have a grey area wherein someone might start with B but end up at A or vice versa. The story I just narrated was a 30 years long journey from B to A.

The situations in our life change so fast that the love for some of our things may perish but a habit always persists. No matter how much you control, habits tend to present themselves at the oddest of times. I’m not talking OCDs here but simple things you do mindlessly. For I have one – I always walk like a rook on a chess board – 2 and a half – 2 to the front and then the next step right beside it. I don’t love doing it, it just happens. That’s how my mind signals my legs to walk on tiles. These things don’t make us good or bad  because they are inherent. We have them ‘coz we can’t change them.

What makes us good or bad are our aims and our will to pursue them till we achieve the desired results.

Did I meet my goal for today? I hope so.

Any more theories?


3 thoughts on “Aims – From Love To Obsession”

  1. Love it!!!! Zen: “Chop wood, carry water”, an attitude of bliss within it all, in other words, learning what bliss really is. Buddhism: “Nonattachment, Non-judgment (not judging oneself in particular), Neutrality (neither good, neither bad). Eccessiastes (Christian bible), “There’s a time for everything under the sun. A time to be born, a time to die, etc.” The Dao, “Free from striving one is complete”.


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