Backstreet Boys – The World Has Moved On

In which world exactly are Backstreet Boys still delivering hits? Do they think they owe the world their presence because they have a legacy to live up to? Someone living close to them must drop a message at one of the group members house to stop making albums totally. The world has moved on from their sound!


9 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys – The World Has Moved On”

  1. I immediately googled backstreet boys (it has been many years) and all I have to say is – backstreetboyscruise dot com. Taking a cruise with the B-Boys is an option for all lucky, lucky people in the world now. Wow.


    1. I used to love them too… aaah that age of boybands – when I used to hum their songs, girls used to think I was flirting with them… came quite close to being slapped too! But I guess their sound has changed considerably and we too may have moved on! 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!


      1. sorry for late replay iv only just seen your comment I’m new to this so taking me a little time to use it haha. That is funny and i cant believe you nearly got hit bit silly of the girls really and a bit big headed haha. Thank you for replaying x


  2. I have the reverse perspective. Whereas they once were a guilty pleasure that I avoided when I was younger, now I’m like “Fuck it, I actually love their music and anyone who disapproves of my taste in music can go fuck themselves.” As long as they have concertgoers who want more music and they enjoy making it, they’re gonna continue rewarding their fans for helping them live out their dreams. The group is aiming to continue pleasing them, not cynics who will dislike anything they do, whether they stick with the same formula or stray from their typical musical style.


    1. That’s a very fair thing to say… the same goes for Limp Bizkit for me but thats just an example. Valid point! It’ll always remain about creating music for the fans – how the critics or cynics derive their perspective is upto them because they will never change the true fans! 😀
      Thanks for providing your take and your comment!


  3. I say, as long as they are happy making music, able to make a living while doing it, and making their fans happy. What is the harm. Plus, BSB have more talent than most of the “singers” that are “relevant.”


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