Is Lal Batti (Red Beacon) Really Abolished?

What the hell happened to AAPs resolution of no Lal Battis (Red Beacons) atop ministers cars? You know how uncomfortable it is for public when a minister or an MLA passes by the road with the cops yelling out at every car driver and every passerby to get out of the road? They even abuse at them. So what if you have removed the red beacons from those ministers cars? They still exist atop every police car which is not wrong but its wrong when some of them are used to stop and guide traffic for some moron who is returning from a party on the wrong side of the road disturbing all the peace with the horns.

The sight I came across was disgusting to say the least and what was worse was it happened twice in half an hour. I was across the Chhatarpur Main Road, near the Bank of Baroda ATM after withdrawing some cash and I see suddenly there are cars on the wrong side of the road, a lots of them. Leading the pack were 2 cranes that were apparently meant to stop other vehicles so that important peoples cars could be lead into the road that I live in. The car that went in, had a woman waving and throwing kisses at the crowd with her head out of the car to the people saying – “Bahut Bahaut Dhanyawaad! (Very Many Thanks)”. She disgusted me to my core. I know I don’t vote for I don’t have a voters ID card and frankly if these are the people who are voted into the system, I’m better without it.

Then as my maid had ditched work today, I had no food so I went to grab some snacks with my bike still parked at the same place. While I was grabbing my snacks, the same scene repeated for another couple of cars to let them get into the same street.

I know I won’t save this country, but whoever has the power to do so, please do it!!!


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