My Saviour

You know the moment you really want to cry, it’s filled up in your throat, when the brain thinks you’re gonna go completely deaf from the screams inside your heart and yet you can’t cry? Your lips tremble, your ears, nose and eyes are red but that single tear just doesn’t break out?

You know the best push then is the touch and even better, an embrace from someone whom you know truly loves you. You don’t have to look at anything. All you have to do is close your eyes, feel a touch and it all starts to pour out for you feel safe in the hands of someone you know can hold you when you just can’t trust anyone else to do it.

Thankfully, whenever I’ve been in this kind of soup, I’ve always had that someone. Thank you baby, for when I hear your voice, I know not everything is wrong around me.

You are my saviour. Just be there! 🙂

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