The Tickle Moment

You know how a chill runs down your spine, not from fear but from the sudden excitement of the new? A waft of warm air in the winter chill, or a drop of cold water right behind your ear lobe, the last extra bell right at the end of a metal song, a finger in your hair, the sight of an ocean or mountain. You didn’t ask for it yet you got it. The pleasure of these sudden sensations just wakes us up. Sometimes it’s good enough to change your perception about a subject you were thinking about right then. A fresh view, a new take.

I love darkness. I love going deaf once in a while. The winter chill on the pore of my fingers, that mild glowing pain, the rising bass in “The Suicidal Dream” by Silverchair. It just takes me to a new world. It gives me shivers. It gives me a new perception. You may say where is the excitement? The excitement lies in enjoying it while it lasts. Sensations can’t last forever. Lets call them “The Tickle Moments”.


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