I got awarded today… yayyyyy!! What a feeling! It’s been a long time that someone awarded me and I’m thrilled to my core. So as you may know, what we do next after we read the comment that links to the award.

We click on it and so did I. I open this wonderful blog by Kathy Clem about her poetry. She has another Beautiful Blog that has her artwork. I really loved the red flower.

Now when I started reading the post that linked to my blog, I see that The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers who have less than 200 followers… OOOPs!!

I don’t meet this requirement and although I would love to share this award with many others who’d have received it but I’m an incorrect candidate. I know it’s a huge mistake which I just noticed, that ever since, I have changed my theme, the widget that showed the number of followers I have has vanished! And I totally take it that you may have reached my blog by a Zero To Hero link, which I completely appreciate and I say a million thanks to you for visiting my blog!

But I’m doing the Zero To Hero Challenge, not because I’m very new here but because I want to make it a habit to post regularly and even daily and that this challenge will make for my target board. 😀


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