No Zee2Etch???

Le Me – Should I stop Zee2Etch?

Le Conscience – Eh, what?

Le Me – I said I think I’m gonna have to stop Zee2Etch, why the hell can’t you hear me?

Le Conscience – (With a finger in its ear) But why? Why this sudden surge to nada productivity?

Le Me – It’s nothing but a few days break. I’m so tired these days and I don’t get time for those tasks (Hands open like a loser).

Le Conscience – Have you ever read them? They are so easy and take no time at all. You’re just a lazy ass.

Le Me – Really, open the WordPress reader, find some interesting content and then comment on it. What if I find nothing to comment on? I can hardly remember what I said 10 seconds ago. How will I keep up a train of thought and go on to write a post on something I commented on and then present my own views on it? You see, how long it is gonna take?

Le Conscience – Yeah Right! It’s how you say it that makes it look like it’s gonna take a while. Get on it, bozo!

Le Me – Really? (fidgeting) Lets try it then, but first A Blog A Day! (smiles)


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