I Hope This Continues..

I couldn’t recuperate this weekend from the 2 weeks of ballbusting in office as something really unwanted has happened –

We have new neighbours. The old ones were fine for they had kids old enough to not cry when bathing. The old ones were fine for the woman in the house never lived in the house. The old ones were fine for only the only man who lived there, never gave a f***!

Since Saturday when I shifted to my bedroom from the spare room, I’m regretting my decision to do so. It’s as though a ticking time bomb goes off every morning. Children cry… ehhhh… sorry… they howwwwwlllll like dogs do when you step on their tails! Woman shouts like she has an army to command. The husband screams and fights like the woman is stabbing his mother! No wonder my wife hates our bedroom for we can hear it all!!

And all of it happens at 6 o’clock in the morning. It doesn’t matter which day of the week – it happens everyday as my wife tells me!

Now even though my day started the same, this day has come to be the most peaceful day from the last year. Workload is zilch. I’m at peace and so are my bosses. I hope it continues this way even at home!


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