Zee2Etch – Task #11 & #12

Today I commented on 3 different blogs. Blogs of different genres on things I’ve loved –

1. http://picload.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/underwater-swimming-through-bubbles.jpg

– There is something really kinky about mermaids.

2. http://journeythrul.com/2014/01/16/money-management-rehab-living-in-dc/

– I’m a terrible money manager and this is a nice insight to my situation a few years ago.

3. http://sueghosh.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/figuring-out-spirituality-religion-or-people/

– Religion and spirituality is a topic I’ve always negatively embraced and I’ve certainly explained it as well.

These are the three posts I’ve commented on as a part of the Zero To Hero Challenge Task #11.

Now to get the task #12 started, I’ll continue my thoughts on the second –

The second post tells us how the author Juliane is waiting for a loan disbursement and how she is anxious about how it’ll be managed.

You know I’m in the same place now. Next month I’ll get some amount of money whose consumption is what I’m worried about. It’s not good enough to do me any good but it’s good enough to turn me into a pedestrian from a limp in my journey to financial freedom.

I’ve been wasted. And I’ve wasted a lot. I can never care about money no matter how hard I try. I mean where would we take it once we are dead? Obviously we need to have savings for emergencies but that is all I’ll save for. Not for my kids or anything else. For everything else there are insurances and people can happily use them.

But credit cards and loans are what started my downfall. Not that I didn’t love the money when I had it. I spent it and I did it lavishly. Got a bike, BOSE Speakers, a laptop and what not. But you know something – I don’t cry for money now for I have the best things for my survival and they are enough to let me live.

Since then I’ve gotten married and now I have a budget to run my home every month. I learnt it in 4 difficult years during which I paid off my credit card debts and loan defaults with the help of my family. Now I keep up an expense sheet – both current and forecasted. This helps me get a grip on things I’m supposed to do in the future and what I’m not. What hurt my budget and what can be accommodated.

Other than this, I don’t have enough financially bended mind to understand money and I don’t want it too. It’s just too much work and I have enough of it in my office to take care of.

Here’s my forecasted budget for every month, the way I do it –

Rent 14200
Store 11000
Maid 2500
Electricity 600
Mobile 1500
TV 600
Internet 1685
EMI 5000
Petrol 1000
Shrek 2500

Other people have any other ideas, please do share. Just keep them simple.

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