Poll – Background Color

My current theme Ryu, defaults my blogs background color to White, which in my opinion gives a very high contrast between the background and the color of the letters. I want opinions from my readers which color suits their reading better from the three below. Please offer your choice in the comments in which you may even explain your choices or just the number of the choice would do as well.

1. Cyan

Viewsplash - Cyan

2. Light Brown

Viewsplash - Light Brown

3. Default Color – White

Viewsplash - White


9 thoughts on “Poll – Background Color”

  1. Cyan because it picks out some aspects of the colours in your little picture! I have only just seen this poll, by the way; I wonder if, perhaps, other people missed it?


    1. Thanks a ton for your suggestion… even I like cyan but the light brown gives the feel of a paper page which has often sought my attention!

      Actually it’s not just about my own poll… I’ve seen this being done to a lot of other polls as well!


  2. I like the warmer light brown, because I love warmer colors. I think you might need to try it, you can always change to a different color if you don’t like it. β™‘β™‘β™‘


    1. Frankly since I’ve met my wife and her own colorful personality, I remain confused to what color I should use for anything. And thats the reason I had to go for a poll as she isn’t here with me now. As I said I love light brown too as it makes me smell the fresh pages of a brand new notebook. I love that smell. It’s nearly heavenly.
      Thank a ton for your suggestion. πŸ˜€


  3. My full vote is to change it depending on how you feel, every single day. I bet you have lilac/lavender days too! The cyan is nice, the light brown is rich and cafe latte like…..how dare you present such great options! The indecision is paralyzing! HAVE A GREAT DAY! πŸ™‚


    1. the_artist talking about colors… I’m such a huge fan of your art… Cyan is a natural choice for me as it represents neutrality and equality to me and a lot of peace but light brown reminds me of a brand new notebook and the smell of its pages… its so fresh… I always loved new notebooks! I see my blog as a notebook to scribble on and hence such dilemma between the 2 colors!
      And you caught me there… I do have lilac/lavender days too! πŸ˜€
      I’ll take your vote to be 50:50!
      Thanks a million tons for your comment… just another question for you… when I talk to you… do I talk to a gentleman or a lady?


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