Daily Prompt: Predictions

I looked up July 30th and seriously nothing came to my mind. No special days for near and dear ones. No serious events pointing towards Indians, nothing memorable but lets just make it a landmark for this year.

Heres my resolution for July 30th 2014 –

I’ll take that day off. Hope people reading this post understand what it means for an Indian Software Engineer working in India to take a leave on a Wednesday. It means I’ll have to get a day of my life scrutinized even further by my boss. It means that I’ll either spend my day with my wife or alone.

July is one of the hottest months of the year in Delhi. That reminds me that July 30th 2012 was one of the two worst days of our lives. That’s when 7 states in the Northern India were left without power due to multiple power grid failures. We were forced to scout for malls to eat extraordinarily costly meals, go to bowling alleys, bowl senselessly to pass time so we could spend our day time in the air conditioners and save the inverter from draining off all power and we could sleep that night. I remember those dark nights. No number of baths helped. They were sweaty and stinky. I hope no such day occurs this year.

I hope in that sweltering heat this year, me and my wife get to enjoy a new working air conditioner sipping root beers and eating excellent food.

I want my credit to start rolling again. So I’ll be sitting pretty on some amount of savings which will guarantee a lot of peace in my mind and hope I get to see my wife wake up beside me. FYI… she’s away on a trip now and hope this is her last to last for such an extraordinary time – 3 months away from me to recuperate alone and heal with nature. She needed it. I hope I look straight into her eyes that morning and tell her how I’m head over heels in love with her and she smiles. I hope we have a lovely breakfast outdoors and are home by early noon. I hope we make out through the afternoon and I take her to a surprise dinner (which isn’t a surprise anymore) to celebrate a better year in our marriage.

I hope I’m fitter than what I am now, even a few kilos off would do. I want to stand on a weighing machine and smile. I hope my wifes work starts blooming but she takes her day off as well. I hope I start saving either for a car or a home. I wanna go to an ATM that day and smile at my bank balance. I hope we watch a movie in a theater and I would buy her something – footwear or something.

Well why am I planning so much for a senseless day as July 30th? ‘coz it may be important to a million others on this planet and lets share our happiness, spread some smiles by being happy and respectful.


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