Daily Prompts: Mirror, Mirror

Black Briar Sabin Mirror_Mirror_on_The_Wall


The image was plucked from http://themirror-jalesh.blogspot.in/p/photos.html

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

The way I am, do I show it at all?”

And the mirror never answers me. It wants to have a better look at me but never gets it. Whatever it knows about me is a dark unknown. A side the world may never understand because even I am to understood it completely.

Inside me though, I see myself as a broad-shouldered hunk tapering downwards – remember Johnny Bravo?

I want to have his accent but I want to show it off intelligently. I want style and dressing sense like Pierce Brosnan.

But hell, I look like a bum. I can hardly keep my hair in place, my shoes are dirty, I wear two pair of jeans for a week and then the other two and they rotate. My shirts aren’t ironed inside my sweaters, my jackets are dirty from pollution.

But I smell good, I have extremely good hygiene habits. My towels are clean, I keep my room clean.

I put really small stock in my appearances but I look decent.

And hence, the mirror wouldn’t mind me checking myself out.

Hell it might even smile when I put a dance move or two in its face!


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